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FileMaker 17

Claris release FileMaker 17 in May 2018. As always, many of our certified developers and consultants have participated in early beta testing programs. We have had time to explore the new products extensively. Wim Decorte has prepared an executive summary to share our thoughts on features of interest.

Download the FileMaker 17 Executive Summary

In this summary and the blog posts listed below, we share our insights on FileMaker 17 and how to improve and strengthen your application with new features.

Key highlights include the following:

One Product

FileMaker Pro is not offered anymore as the default desktop/laptop client. The FileMaker Pro Advanced product is now the only desktop client. FileMaker Pro Advanced installs with the advanced tools disabled, so out of the box it behaves very much like the old FileMaker Pro. This change in the product line-up brings more of the FileMaker platform power to more beginner developers, and in that sense, we like this move.

Launch Center Revamp

Launch Center has been revamped. We especially like the easy access to the Custom App Academy training materials and to the Community Forums. The ‘My Apps’ section of the launch center makes some improvements to how you display and organize shortcuts to solutions that you want your users to have access to. Add-on Tables, a new feature, allows beginning developers to easily add tables and/or fields to their solution for specific purposes. You can leverage it when setting up a new portal on a layout.


FileMaker 17 makes it much easier to implement an interface design often referred to as Master/Detail. The Master/Detail concept displays a master list of records and the details for the currently selected item. This pattern is frequently used for email clients. By selecting an item in the Master list, you can view its details in the Detail section.

Multiple Email Attachments

When using the “Send Mail” script step, you can now include multiple attachments to an email. We eagerly anticipated this feature and think many of our clients will put it to good use.

Data Migration Tool

The Data Migration Tool is a brand new standalone addition to the platform. The command-line utility transfers data and some other elements like accounts and value lists from one file to another. Read our many blog posts on this new feature.

FileMaker Server 17

The FileMaker Server Admin Console has undergone a redesign. Those familiar with the admin console for the FileMaker Cloud product will recognize the similarities between this new console and the one used for the Cloud product.


FileMaker 17 continues to build on its security features. Consider the addition of account lock-outs for hosted files on FileMaker Server. When an account has five failed login attempts, that account will be locked out for five minutes before it can attempt a new authentication. FileMaker Server also introduces a new SSL behavior: when you install your server, you get the option to import a custom SSL certificate or to use the default FMI certificate.

Data API

As expected, the Data API now becomes an official part of the platform. Each licensed client has an allotment of 2 GB per month, metered on a yearly basis for the total of all licensed clients as one pool. If you have a license for 10 users, your free Data API usage amounts to 10 x 2GB x 12 months = 240GB of total usage. The admin console will indicate how much of that yearly total you have consumed to date.

Download the FileMaker 17 Executive Summary for a more comprehensive deep on changes and new functionality.

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