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A well-built FileMaker solution connects disparate teams, streamlines workflows, and leverages critical data to spark growth. Working with an experienced partner gives you an even bigger advantage. As a Claris Platinum Partner with a deep bench of FileMaker experts, we can help you develop robust, scalable applications that transform your business.

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In line with our mission to deliver excellence for our clients, we are a Claris Platinum Partner. Whether your database is simple or complex, our Claris FileMaker developers bring the best technical standards and architecture to build an extendable solution that stands the test of time.

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Matthew Murray

Managing Director
Purcell Murray

Soliant possesses the ‘Holy Grail’ of technology-driven consulting services: business context awareness, technology platform independence, personal accountability, and foresight. I consider them to be a key ROI-catalyst and partner to our business.

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Claris Platform

The Claris FileMaker ecosystem is constantly evolving. Our team has been tracking the launch of Claris Platform and is exploring all new features. Learn more about new functionality and what these releases mean for your business applications.

The Claris and FileMaker Platforms are evolving quickly, revealing new opportunities, functionality, and features for your business. Harnessing them can drive a strong competitive advantage for your company. Whether you decide to migrate to the new Claris Platform or launch new functionality on the legacy FileMaker Platform, our team can enhance and update your existing solution, removing growth barriers and optimizing workflows for your business.

Integrate your FileMaker solution with your company's website by building a bridge to your data with a custom web portal. We leverage the collective brainpower of our multi-practice team to develop a solution that allows for tightly-controlled, secure access to your application for stakeholders, like customers and partners. Learn more.

FileMaker’s robust workflow capabilities become even more powerful when connected with your other key business systems. Empower multiple departments to work together with the same data while avoiding manual data entries and human error. We’ve integrated Claris FileMaker with dozens of other applications, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspaces, Quickbooks, DocuSign, Salesforce, email distribution systems, and more. Our development team can streamline your processes and expand on the capabilities your data offers. Learn more.

Connect your Claris FileMaker solution to a mobile device to take leverage its functionality while out in the field. Our team can empower your team with signature capture, barcode reader, camera integration, location services, native iOS keyboards, touch controls, and more.

We can help you access the full capabilities of your Claris FileMaker solutions with mobile browsers or a custom mobile application. Learn more.

Managing your FileMaker solution on AWS is so much more than hosting your app on a virtual machine. You get streamlined access to the hundreds of cloud services that can give your application, and therefore business, a competitive advantage. Navigate your opportunities on the cloud with an AWS Advanced Tier Partner and Claris FileMaker certified experts. Learn more.

As a full-service consulting firm, we provide Claris FileMaker software licenses at a discount. Contact us today for a quote or learn more here.

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  • Custom system to facilitate new business division
  • Developed task management and scheduling system to streamline resource management
  • Built with FileMaker, Carafe bundles, and JavaScript
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FileMaker Web Solutions

Take your FileMaker application online by working with a partner that leverages open-source capabilities and tools to drive data accessibility and engagement.

FileMaker Integrations

Leverage powerful integrations tailored for your FileMaker application and business goals with a deep bench of both Claris FileMaker and web technology experts.

Claris Platform Migrations

Determine if your FileMaker solutions is ready to migrate to the new Claris Platform with a trusted partner that puts the needs of your business first.

Partner with experienced Claris FileMaker developers and consultants.