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Sunsolar Solutions

Expanding Service Renewable Energy Offerings with a Go-to-Market Strategy Fueled by FileMaker

When businesses evolve and grow, their technology plays a crucial part. One of our long-time clients approached us with an idea to launch a new service offering, and we knew their critical business applications, with new functionality, could set a good foundation.

For years, Sunsolar Solutions focused on providing homeowners with high-value, cost-effective renewable energy power products like residential solar panels. The organization served as a sales organization, focusing on product delivery through custom proposals and sales activities. Another partner, however, would provide installation services.

To streamline offerings and better serve customers, Sunsolar recently decided to offer installation services themselves. This expansion required an entirely new business division, a go-to-market strategy, and software to support new workflows. Sunsolar connected with Soliant Consulting, a long-time consulting and development partner, to build a project management system to facilitate the installation process.

Our team developed a detailed task management system with sophisticated rules configuration to automatically create tasks for custom installation projects. These rules transition from task to task, streamlining the entire process and connecting necessary team members and activities without a middle person required to coordinate everything.

This application, built with Claris FileMaker, included Carafe bundles to leverage JavaScript to display nested items, such as attachments, under tasks.

We also created scheduling software for the Sunsolar team to simplify resource management. Considering the number of teams needed to install solar panels – installers, inspectors, site surveyors, service teams, etc. – they needed a streamlined way to keep track of these details and resources, scheduling them in the appropriate order and moving to the next step when finished. The application included calendar and map-based scheduling, allowing Sunsolar team members to have a visual reference of who is where at any given time. This feature makes scheduling back-to-back appointments easier with an understanding of drive times between locations.

As a result, Sunsolar streamlined operations in its new market, ensuring customers had an exceptional end-to-end experience from purchase to installation. The system decreased growing pains for the organization and made this leap with a new division easier and more profitable. Our team was excited to be a part of this project with our long-time client and see their company grow.

Click on the thumbnails below to view screenshots from the task management system.

Sunsolar Solutions - Day Scheduling
Day Scheduling
Sunsolar Solutions: Map scheduling screen
Map scheduling screen
Sunsolar Solutions: Week scheduling screen
Week scheduling
Sunsolar Solutions: Task list
Task list
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About Sunsolar Solutions

Sunsolar delivers high-quality and cost-effective renewable energy power products to make the lives of homeowners better. Their customers benefit from their services through reduced energy bills, secured energy sources, and more control over their individual energy consumption.

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