Innovative Salesforce Integration Services

Break down silos in your business by centralizing your data and automating workflows with integrations between Salesforce and your other business applications.

Our team has years of experience architecting various integration types, from out-of-the-box connectors to complex real-time integrations.

Enhance your customer targeting and improve content personalization by leveraging your rich customer data in Salesforce with email marketing systems like Mailchimp, Zoho, Drip, Moosend, GetResponse, Drip and more. Segment your email campaigns based on specific customer data to increase engagement with your audiences. Then, evaluate your results and plan your next steps with real-time tracking of email metrics like opens, clicks, and bounces directly within Salesforce. Our team can ensure all of your customer interactions are synced across both platforms, fostering more informed and timely customer engagement.

Accept and encourage electronic payments in a secure, compliant way directly through your Salesforce implementation by integrating payment systems such as Chargent, Stripe, PayPal, Square, and more. For our nonprofit clients, we also leverage donation platforms, including Classy and Donorbox. Streamline your sales process, reducing manual data entry, and minimizing errors by enabling direct in-platform transactions. Further enhances customer experience by providing seamless and secure payment options, and gain real-time visibility into payment status, customer billing history, and revenue data ffor better financial forecasting and decision making. Work with an experienced partner with a deep bench of both Salesforce and custom integration experts to launch your Salesforce-payment system integration.

Streamline your contract and document approval process with a document generation and e-sign platform like DocuSign to reduce time-to-close and enhance customer experience. Launch a secure system for signing important documents digitally to ensure easy tracking and storage of signed documents within Salesforce. Shorten your document generation cycles for quotes, invoices, and more. Get started with a trusted partner experienced in custom integrations.

Ensuring your customer addresses are accurate and standardized by launching address verification in your Salesforce implementation. Improve your delivery success rates and enhance your customer service by avoiding address miscommunication.

We have helped our clients, especially those reliant on the accuracy of physical mailing addresses such as catalog-based businesses, address verification services such as Smarty, and Google Geocoding API with strategic integrations.

Strengthen collaboration, streamline project workflows, and improve tracking of project milestones directly within the Salesforce platform through an integration with a project management tool like TaskRay. Enable your teams to manage tasks, deadlines, and resources effectively, improving productivity, and providing real-time visibility into project status for stakeholders.

We have built several custom integrations to other systems/platforms such as ARcGIS, FileMaker, Experian NetConnect, and homegrown systems with a custom API endpoint. We can help break down organizational silos by building the right bridges between systems.

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Salesforce Integration Architecture Experts

We’ve built custom integrations for Salesforce with many different types of applications — from enterprise-level solutions to homegrown systems – for all kinds of industries and project goals.

As all organizations have different needs and objectives, no two integrations are the same. Some need to connect internal databases to Salesforce. Others want to harness API functionality through the Salesforce platform. Perhaps your team needs real-time, user-friendly access to enterprise ERP data. Or, your operations team needs details from Salesforce to flow into your fulfillment system.

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Custom Salesforce Implementations

Launch a tailored Salesforce solution to enhance customer service, improve operational efficiency, and scale growth with customized functionality.

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Pivotal Modernization

Gain a competitive advantage, drive productivity gains, enable new revenue streams, and deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

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