Our Process

Strategic Development

Our deep bench of consultative technical experts delivers reliable, scalable, and stable solutions that solve complex problems using a process we’ve refined over our 20+ years in business.

Our clients benefit from the collective brainpower of a well-rounded team, typically including a Technical Lead, Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Developers, plus an extended team of experts available for consultation as needed.

Perfect software delivered too late or at too high a cost is a failed project. Budget and schedule are every bit as important as features in defining requirements.

Our Process

Foundation Phase

During this phase, we strive to understand your business, ideal processes, and goals. We work with you to outline requirements for your solution. It’s impossible to know everything before beginning development, but we can eliminate many questions with a thorough up-front discussion. Our focus at every stage is to reduce uncertainty and drive the project forward with a clear sense of your business objectives.

Development Phase

During our development process, we focus on architecture and the technical components of your solution. We ask you to join us for regular status meetings, allowing you to maintain control and visibility into your project. You and your team can participate as active members of our development team and have full access to the code, our development servers, and project management tools. We ensure you can see the software coming together, use it, and adjust course as your solution evolves.

Deployment Phase

We leave adequate time and mindshare to roll out new systems. Sometimes, a deployment can be easy, but if a data migration or server issue arises, we prefer to have a clear plan. We understand that getting a deployment right is critical for a business.

Support Phase

It’s rare that a business solution is ever truly finished. Your business evolves, and it’s important that your software does as well. We can provide ongoing support for projects and continually modify them to suit the needs of your team.

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