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Claris Studio streamlines data collection, organization, and analysis so that you always get the most out of your data. It does so in a new cloud-based browser environment that can complement your FileMaker solution.

Claris Connect puts the power of custom integrations at your fingertips. Transform your FileMaker application into your company’s core technology by connecting it to your other mission-critical applications. Through its set of pre-built API connectors, you can quickly build those integrations and save valuable time.

Our team can help you navigate all that’s possible on the FileMaker platform. We present all potential options – numerous within the Claris ecosystem – and help you choose the best for your business.

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Claris Connect

Integrate Claris Pro with external tools, APIs, and services to build your company’s mission-critical technology base. Strengthen your tech stack and further leverage your business data by connecting all of your systems, Claris and otherwise.

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Claris Studio

Claris Studio makes it easy to visualize, understand, and analyze your business data in one place. Uncover and share insights with quickly built and managed dashboards directly on the FileMaker Platform.

Potential Integrations

Claris Connect allows for a wide set of pre-built integrations, empowering your business to launch technology as unique as your business. In addition to the dozens of available connectors offered, like DocuSign and Slack, you can also use webhooks for custom API integrations. Our team of both Claris experts and cloud-native development experts work together to launch Claris Connect in a way that transforms FileMaker into your foundational business technology.

Data Possibilities

It’s no secret that FileMaker can house incredible amounts of data, but what good is that data if you can’t easily understand and capitalize on it? Claris Studio improves data accuracy, collaboration, and visibility, offering real-time insights into your business performance. You can create custom forms for your customers, partners, and vendors to share their data, by submitting orders, for example. Then, FileMaker handles the rest.

As a Claris Platinum Partner, we bring over twenty-five years of experience developed over thousands of projects. Our team can help your business take your FileMaker application to the next level with custom features and technology. Contact us today to talk with a consultant.

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Solutions We Offer

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FileMaker Development

Connect disparate teams, streamlines workflow, and leverages critical data to spark business growth, all from your FileMaker application.

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FileMaker Web Solutions

Take your FileMaker application online and integrate it with your other business applications to drive data accessibility, efficiency, and engagement.

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