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Claris Platform Services

Leverage the full power of the new Claris Platform with a Claris Platinum Partner.

In September 2022, Claris shared its vision for the future with a rollout of the Claris Platform and has been releasing new features frequently as the Platform continues to evolve.

Our Claris consultants are helping the community stay on top of capabilities by digging into the functionality and sharing our thoughts. Check out our list of resources.

Claris Pro

Claris Pro, the new version of FileMaker Pro, seamlessly integrates with Claris Studio and Claris Connect, allowing businesses to build an entire suite of interwoven applications and services. It will serve as a centralized hub for all data moving through the Platform.

Claris Connect

Integrate Claris Pro with external tools, APIs, and services to build your company’s mission-critical technology base. Strengthen your tech stack and further leverage your business data by connecting all of your systems, Claris and otherwise.

Claris Studio

Claris Studio makes it easy to visualize, understand, and analyze all of your business data in one place. Uncover and share insights with easily-built and managed dashboards directly on the Claris Platform.

Navigating the Claris Platform

If you need help implementing parts of the new platform or want to test out new features, our team can help.

Our deep bench of Claris consultants can help you navigate the differences between the FileMaker Platform and Claris Platform to set your business application up for success.

Leverage the new Claris platform in your business application modernization efforts with a trusted partner. Our team of experts build custom applications, streamline processes, and enhance employee collaboration across your business. From concept to deployment, our team ensures a smooth journey, delivering innovative solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

We can also help with a hybrid migration to implement new features without a full transition to the new environment.

Contact us to talk to a consultant for guidance on strategic platform and technology decisions that drive growth for your business.

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Claris Platform Insights

Explore insights related to the Claris Platform from our team of certified Claris developers. We regularly share content with best practices, tips, and reviews of features and functionality. Check out our numerous resources below.

  • The Merge

    To end user confusion, Claris is merging the FileMaker and Claris platforms into one, rolling back the fork of FileMaker Pro, Go and Server. Learn more.

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  • An Update on Claris Server

    Since its first release in September 2022, quite a bit has changed in how you deploy a Claris Server. Get the updates as of spring 2023 here.

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  • Claris and FileMaker: A Tale of Two Platforms

    Learn about how FileMaker is in its mature phase and the Claris Platform allows innovation to accelerate through Claris Connect and Studio.

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  • Whose Fault Is It?

    Good FileMaker developers aren't always good FileMaker application deployers. Learn why deployment skills are crucial and how to build yours.

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  • 2022 Greatest Hits: Most Popular Blog Posts

    In 2022, our team shared their thought leadership on dozens of topics. We published 58 blog posts. Check out our top 10 here.

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  • Logging into the Claris Server API… and also Claris Server WebDirect

    Learn how to log into the recently launched Claris Server API and Claris Server WebDirect from our FileMaker and Claris consulting team.

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  • How to Deploy a Microservice

    Learn more about how and why you should consider using a microservice for FileMaker to communicate with in a RESTful way.

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  • Distributed Architecture – Use a Microservice

    An API-driven approach makes your Claris-based solutions better, faster, more scalable, and more resilient. Learn more.

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  • The Claris Pro Default Account

    Adding new accounts in a Claris Pro solution requires knowing the user's Claris ID. Use the default account to grant access to your solution.

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  • Deploying Claris Server

    Claris Server is the equivalent of FileMaker Server but part of the new Claris Platform and directly tied to your Claris subscription or 'org.' Learn more.

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Take your FileMaker application online by working with a partner that leverages open-source capabilities and tools to drive data accessibility and engagement.

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Leverage powerful integrations tailored for your FileMaker application and business goals with a deep bench of both Claris FileMaker and web technology experts.

Launch the full power of the Claris Platform with an experienced team.