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Transform your FileMaker solution by taking it online. Our team can either connect FileMaker to your existing website or develop a new website integrated with the platform. We expand FileMaker applications beyond their traditional abilities with strategic web features, responsive design, JavaScript, and CSS capabilities.

Leigh Cheek
CCEP, CIA, CISA, Instituational Compliance Officer, University of Tennessee

I appreciated your time and expertise as you guided me through our product; it works better than I imagined. I was very excited that we completed my project and how much more I know about PHP and FileMaker. I feel like I can do anything.

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Innovative Opportunities

Vendors or suppliers can log in through a portal and access specific information from your FileMaker system. Users can register for a camp, travel event, class, or other events.

Your customers can shop online and have their orders processed via FileMaker, delivering the usability that users expect from a modern web application.

If your organization hosts events, you can build online registration management portals to encourage data flow directly into their solutions. Or, those promoting online commerce can funnel customer orders directly into their implementation.

Organizations can leverage WebDirect to build web-based layouts directly from their FileMaker implementations. Our team creates, customizes, and enhances these online solutions to make them more robust, engaging, and secure.

Recently launched as an open source project, Carafe streamlines the process of integrating and working with JavaScript in FileMaker. Our team built this functionality to empower more FileMaker users and developers to leverage their information online without a significant training or learning period.

Carafe provides built-in package management, versioning of your implementation, built-in Support for FM Web Viewer Bridge, and smooth round-trip integration with JS Fiddle or any code editor or IDE. You can easily integrate and configure JavaScript libraries such as Datatables.js, Google Maps, rich text editors, an image gallery, calendar, charting, and more. Learn more about the open source project.

With Custom Web Publishing, you can access your FileMaker data from anywhere in the world. However, native Custom Web Publishing APIs don’t scale very well, hindering businesses who grow quickly.

To empower clients with expanding businesses, we built SimpleFM, a free, open source library. It uses development best practices, including object relational mapping and middleware architecture, to help clients use more of their FileMaker data online.

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Take your solution online with an experienced FileMaker developer. We leverage open-source capabilities and tools like WebDirect to drive accessibility and engagement.

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Our team’s capabilities extend far beyond FileMaker. We build powerful integrations into FileMaker solutions, using tools the FileMaker Data API, APIs of other systems, and Custom Web Publishing.

Enhance your FileMaker implementation and engage key stakeholders with innovative web functionality.