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Increase your ROI of your FileMaker investment by taking its capabilities online. Launch tightly-controlled, secure access to your application for stakeholders, like customers, and partners with strategic FileMaker solutions.

For example, customers can place an order on your website, which flows into FileMaker. Your application then delivers back an invoice to the customer both online and in email delivery. Later, the customer can view their order status online, pulling the information from FileMaker safely. Your business can operate from FileMaker alone while still serving stakeholders with self-service capabilities, optimizing their experience. 

Take FileMaker Online

Connect your FileMaker solutions and its data to your website with a trusted development partner. Our deep bench of FileMaker developers can expand your solution with strategic web features, secure portal access, responsive design, and more.

Leverage WebDirect to build web-based layouts directly from your FileMaker implementation. Our team creates, customizes, and enhances these online solutions to make them more robust, engaging, and secure.

Streamline the process of integrating and working with JavaScript in Claris FileMaker. Launch Carafe, a Soliant-founded library of open source JavaScript deployment tools. Our team built Carafe to empower more FileMaker users and developers. With it, they can leverage their information online without a significant training or learning period.

Carafe provides built-in package management, versioning, and support for FM Web Viewer Bridge. It also delivers smooth round-trip integration with JS Fiddle or any code editor or IDE. You can easily integrate and configure JavaScript libraries such as Datatables.js, Google Maps, rich text editors, an image gallery, calendar, charting, and more.

To empower clients with expanding businesses, we built a NodeJS API. It's a free, open source library for the FileMaker Data API that supports all FileMaker 17 features. We frequently build tools like these to help the community evolve.

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FileMaker Development

Connect disparate teams, streamlines workflow, and leverages critical data to spark business growth, all from your FileMaker application.

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Claris Studio & Connect

Evolve your FileMaker application with Claris Studio & Claris Connect to visualize and leverage all of your business data in one central hub.

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