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Introduced in 2010, FileMaker Go has been an established tool within the Claris ecosystem for almost 15 years. Its versatility has made it a powerful extension of FileMaker, allowing organizations to access their data and leverage their business workflows while away from their desks.

Beyond Data Access

You can do more with FileMaker Go than just accessing your data in real time, though. Through its enhanced layouts tailored for mobile screens, you can view, edit, and search your database records with ease. Plus, it supports true mobile functionality, like barcode scanning, signature capture, and access to device cameras and GPS, enhancing data collection and entry.

No Internet Access Required

You don’t need to connect to the internet to interact with your FileMaker application via FileMaker Go. You can access and edit your databases offline. Once you’re back online, you can sync your changes to ensure everything stays updated. This is a custom feature that you’ll need to build out yourself, but a good Claris partner can help you with that step.

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FileMaker Go Use Cases

With mobile capabilities, you get real-time inventory visibility across your devices while on the go. Your team can access stock levels, item locations, and order statuses from anywhere, even when offline. With barcode functionality built in, you can scan barcodes and edit data manually to update inventory in real time.

You can even automate processes like receiving, packing, and tracking alerts. Your team can set minimum thresholds and receive alerts when stock gets low. All of this can be done from a mobile phone, used in the warehouse or out in the field, all while connected to your mission-critical FileMaker application.

While more sales are being handled remotely, many salespeople still venture out into the field, at networking events and conferences, or while making cold visits to prospective customers. Having mobile access to their FileMaker CRM can help them make more informed decisions about their sales activities away from their desk, as well as help them record their notes and progress immediately following a meeting, ensuring nothing is forgotten.

Salespeople can access data related to contact information, a customer's purchase history, their interactions with customer service, and more. This data allows them to personalize their communications and sales activities, encouraging higher close rates. And, of course, they can also track leads, manage opportunities, and close deals more efficiently.

With FileMaker Go, you can also stay on top of the progress of your projects. Manage your project tasks, schedules, and deadlines from anywhere, and get real-time updates from your team. Everyone stays on the same page, and projects stay on track.

Your team can leverage the collaboration and communication tools you've come to rely on from your FileMaker application while with clients or out of the office. You can access your customizable project dashboards from your phone or iPad, even without a WiFi signal, to track your key project metrics. All of the reporting and analysis you've become accustomed to are available to you away from your laptop, allowing you to identify trends, measure performance, and make data-driven decisions right from your mobile device.

Technicians in the field can also access their company's FileMaker system to handle their day-to-day responsibilities. From their work phone, they can create and manage work orders, assign tasks, and update their team leaders. Data capture in the field becomes easier with a device connected to their main system. Technicians can collect signatures, take photos, and record other job-related documentation directly within the app. When they return to somewhere with a WiFi signal, all data syncs with the main FileMaker application. They can handle more jobs without having to come into the office to manually complete paperwork.

Many of our custom implementations center around the use case of event management and registration. All ticket sales are managed on mobile devices at the actual event. Attendees can scan in and out, streamlining the check-in process and providing event hosts with real-time information on their number of guests, type of tickets, and sales revenue. Connected barcode scanners come in handy here as well.

Event managers can view guest lists, schedules, venue information, and vendor details, all from the event itself, without being tied to a computer.

Launching Your Application

Launch powerful scripting capabilities that allow you to automate routine tasks, making data handling efficient and error-free. Scripts can considerably streamline your workflows, managing all kinds of tasks ranging from generating reports to updating records. This step may require additional technical expertise, especially if the script is especially complex.

FileMaker Go – much like the rest of the Claris Platform – is easily integrated with other business applications. From personalized automated emails to mapping services, a custom implementation can interact with numerous systems to enhance its functionality and empower your business to go further.

Many companies feel uneasy about putting their data online, let alone tethering it to a mobile device. And it's understandable – mobile phones can be easily accessed or even stolen. However, you not only have Apple's own hardware security protocols but also FileMaker's security parameters.

FileMaker Go offers robust encryption options to protect your data, both in transit and at rest. Your sensitive information is always secure. Following best practices like regular backups, access controls, and user authentication further strengthens data security.

With a partner, you can also customize permissions and roles to lock down categories of data and functionality, ensuring that only the right people have the access they need and nothing more.

FileMaker Go is more than just a mobile application for your FileMaker implementation. It's a comprehensive tool that empowers users to manage data efficiently and securely, anytime and anywhere. Its blend of flexibility, power, and ease of use makes it an invaluable asset.

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