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Create Dynamic JSON for Related Records Demo

Dynamically Create JSON Arrays for Related Records Download the custom function for dynamically creating JSON arrays for related records in FileMaker, built by Makah Encarnacao, Soliant Consulting Technical Project Lead. The file includes two buttons that use this custom function: Manufacturer and Model JSON. The Manufacturer and Model JSON button demonstrates how you would use this custom function in combination with other…
Makah Encarnacao
April 25, 2019

Creating OS Folders and Subfolders with FileMaker

It is very common to generate reoccurring reports in FileMaker that get saved to the user's computer. Perhaps you would like to organize these reports by day or type. OS level folders and subfolders are a great way to do this. This demo file attached shows you how to create a folder and a subfolder on your user's computer using FileMaker. Here's…
Makah Encarnacao
September 28, 2015