Software Strategy & Consulting

Software development takes years to learn and a lifetime to master. We can help you climb the learning curve.

Software Project Planning

Software is only successful when well-planned and prioritized. We ensure your next project proceeds smoothly through strategic business analysis and informed software requirements.

Application Support Services

An application is never truly finished. We can help your internal development team continue to build on its value through DevOps and quality improvement services.

Hiring & Supporting Developers

Building and training an in-house development team can feel overwhelming. We simplify the process by vetting candidates, enhancing your processes, and training your team.

Application Support Services

Software grows over time, and with organic growth comes technical debt and a backlog of tasks. When a development team is handed architecturally brittle applications to support or needs creative ways to extend the life of legacy systems, we can assist.

Even though the DevOps revolution is well underway, the need to continually improve and adopt best DevOps practices never ends.

Our team works with clients to get their technical resources on standardized development environments, sharing the same tools and strategies. This enforces consistent practices and knowledge sharing.

Continuous Integration enables development teams to integrate their code into a shared repository frequently throughout the day, ensuring bugs and user issues are identified and resolved quickly and efficiently. Organizations avoid the massive – and always problematic — merge requirement at the end of a project. We help clients adopt the right tools and practices through training and oversight.

Modern version control and git workflow practices are “low-hanging fruit” for improving the productivity of your development team. If you are late in adopting these practices or experienced and just making fine-tuned improvements, we can evaluate and offer options.

Moving to the cloud increases scalability potential for organizations and reduces headaches related to IT application support. When you move to Amazon Web Services (AWS), a slew of additional tools are at your disposal. Our AWS Architects can help you transition your applications to the cloud, adopt new capabilities within your platform, and closely monitor cost reduction opportunities.

Legacy applications need love too, and it’s usually a special type of developer (like us) who can provide it. If you are looking to make incremental improvements through refactoring or are just trying to keep the lights on, we can augment your support team with remote, on-shore resources. We can also provide more focused tactical support like quality assurance (QA) improvements, unit testing, A/B testing, static analysis, and application performance monitoring to help deliver the strongest product possible to key stakeholders.

Hiring Developers, Improving Practices

Companies going digital can’t sustain advancement without an in-house development capability, and those companies who already have a seasoned team accustomed to supporting legacy applications usually need outside collaboration to mature their practices.

If you are bootstrapping a new team for your organization, we can assist with candidate screening, interviewing, and selection.

If your seasoned team is struggling with challenges like:

  • How to be agile and make reliable cost and schedule predictions
  • Projects that drag on, without delivering value to users in a timely fashion
  • Insufficient technical management or day-to-day project leadership

Then allow us to collaborate with your team to adopt Scrum practices, augment the team with on-shore, remote technical project leaders and project managers to improve and manage the software development lifecycle.

See how we deliver world-class software development expertise.