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Don’t Lose Your Salesforce Certification

After you’ve received your Salesforce certification(s), it’s important to maintain them. Read our quick recap of what to keep in mind for maintenance exams.

What Prototyping Tool Should I Use?

Interactive prototyping is not always the right deliverable for a design project. Check out this article about what prototyping tool is best for your needs.

The User is Not Always Right

Users ask for a lot of things, and it can be tempting to just say yes to every request. Learn more about how to deliver what your client really needs here.

Logging in Managed Packages

Issues with debugging when you install a managed package into the org? Soliant’s Damien Phillippi shows you how to build your own logging system.

FileMaker-Salesforce Integration via OAuth

Explore different approaches to integrating Salesforce and FileMaker. Here we focus on Oauth with the benefit of keeping all the code within FileMaker (no third-party tools). Demo file included.

Lessons from Joe Cool at Dreamforce

I had the pleasure of seeing legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana speak at’s annual Dreamforce conference recently. Joe is 56, but looks like you could stick him in a jersey now and he could still play. Joe’s storied ability to keep calm and lead his team to victory when it counted earned him the nickname “Joe…

The Psychology of Developing Software

Learn more about some of the guiding principles we use and other considerations that go into developing software solutions for our clients.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud Achieves Highest Level of KCS Verification

In January 2013, Salesforce’s Service Cloud proudly announced that it had achieved the KCSsm Verification – Version 5. At the time, KCS Verification v5 was the highest level of KCS the Consortium for Service Innovation had to offer.’s Service Cloud was the only product to have ever achieved that level. (Update: it took two…

Our Top Videos of 2013

This year, we decided to put more focus on bring you tutorials, tips, and helpful tools. Here are our top videos of 2013. Enjoy!

Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2013

Check out our most popular blogs from 2013 including in depth discussion, and tips and tricks for Web, FileMaker, and Salesforce topics.
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