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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Craig Stabler discusses the benefits of spending a little more upfront to avoid a breakdown later when it comes to your business software solutions.

Internships at Soliant and beyond

Soliant is hiring spring and summer interns in our San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia offices. Find all the details here.

Determining Org Type in Apex Code

Have you ever wanted to run one block of code in a sandbox and another block in the production org?  I couldn’t find a built-in Apex function that allowed me to determine whether the code was running in a Production/DE environment or in a sandbox. Fortunately, I ran across this post that gave enough info…

What Makes a Project Successful?

It’s often said that most projects fail, so how do you avoid yours going the same way? Our project managers weigh in on what makes a project successful.

SFDC Best Practice for Child Relationship Names

Please declare a unique Child Relationship Name! Think of it as just as important as the Related List Label (which is what your Salesforce users see). The Child Relationship Name is what developers see when writing sub queries in Apex. Salesforce uniquely names Child Relationships if you don’t. However, those names are generally useless for…

Salesforce Tablet Numpad Trick

Check out this workaround for bringing up numeric keypads on a Salesforce textInput object under time constraints from certified developers.

Software and Golf Clubs

Craig Stabler, an avid golfer parallels finding the right fit for golfing gear to leveraging custom tools in business software.

On-View triggers in Salesforce (trigger for Opportunity Contact Roles)

Native Opportunity Limitations One current limitation with native Opportunities model is the inability to have a trigger on the Opportunity Contact Role object. Say you have built a custom Opportunity rollup or scoring mechanism of some variety and it relies upon what/who the user selects in the Opportunity Contact Role area: how will you…

Join Soliant at Dreamforce 2012

Meet up with Soliant Consulting at Dreamforce on September 18-21, 2012 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Please send us your information through our contact form if you’d like to arrange to meet with a member of the Soliant team during the conference. The theme for Dreamforce 2012 is “Touch The Social Enterprise”. Guests…

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