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Nonfunctionals Considered Essential

Check out this discussion on the balance of finding the right approach to software development from certified developers.

Convenience or Complacence?

Cultivate client trust by considering the details that ensure them their product development and concerns have your full attention.

Software as an Ecosystem

Read our discussion on how an organization’s growth can be reflected in the software they use and how an analytical approach will can maximize strategy.

No Brown M&Ms

Triggers are useful tools a team of software engineers can pull out of their project toolbox. Read more about identifying project risks here.

Setting Lead Assignment Rules with Apex

If you want to create a new Lead via Visualforce or web form with Apex it’s very possible you could overlook the Assignment Rules.  As you might know, it’s not even always obvious on the native Lead creation layout.  Notice the lower left corner checkbox in the screenshot below. To enforce Assignment Rules in Apex…

Salesforce – Flash Builder Integration Announced

Adobe and Salesforce have always worked well together They are complimentary technologies – Flash is primarily a display platform and Salesforce is more data focused. Using Flex or Flash to present data from the SalesForce cloud is a great way to make a really seamless and slick user experience. This latest development makes that even…

Who should do the estimating?

Check out best practices for estimating tasks and creating the work breakdown structure for a project from experienced developers.

How to Avoid Governor Limits with sendEmail in Apex

You can send emails programmatically in Salesforce Apex, but if you’re not careful you can hit the measly governor limit of 10 in no time at all. You see, although your outbound email limit is 1000 with Apex, only a total of 10 sendEmail method calls are allowed in each context. Obviously the way to…

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