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Marketing Automation in a Nutshell

Marketing Automation summarized — move from the broadcast model of marketing to the dialogue model. Listen to your customer and let them guide you.

Adding Extra Power to Your Visual Flows

In this post Damien shows you the power of Visual Flows and how they can successfully interact with code. This will help replace some of the Standard Development cycle resulting in decreased writing of unit tests, reduced workload, and faster deployment time.

Lessons of the Palm Pilot

The lessons of Palm Pilot’s simplicity and clarity of purpose still resonate with mobile designers and the user experience of contemporary smartphones.

What can we do with Chatter?

Chatter is for more than just creating a post on a record. Find out more in Taylor’s exploration into the many features of Chatter.

The Economy of the Cloud

A walk in the Cloud: how cloud technologies have affected the economy. At Soliant we’re always interested in how the world of technology is evolving. Take a look at how cloud computing has grown and is driving business today.
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