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Why Invest in Salesforce?

One of the scariest things I ever encountered in my work life was a salesperson when asked how he remembered potential leads. He answered, “Up here,” and pointed to his head. Perhaps he had a savant memory, but considering most of us don’t, we need something more to go on. Equally alarming was meeting with… Ant Migration Tool

Ant: Your Configuration Migration Tool for Salesforce Ant (Another Neat Tool) is a Java tool that performs tasks based on XML instructions. It serves as a great configuration migration tool for Salesforce. You give it an XML configuration file with the details of the possible tasks to perform. Then tell it the task you’d like…

Exceptions in Visualforce

Are DML changes rolled back when an exception occurs in Visualforce? It is clear from the official Salesforce documentation that all database modifications initiated from a trigger are rolled back when an exception occurs. We can look at it as if the application server started a transaction in our behalf, and handled the roll back… Licensing – Know Your Options

July 2017 Update: has been replaced with App Cloud licensing options. Learn more about the change and how to transition here. In most organizations, not everyone needs access to full-blown CRM functionality.  There might be users who never touch Leads or Opportunities, need read-only access to just Accounts and Contacts, or maybe a custom… Team Development

Team development in the Salesforce platform can be very frustrating if you don’t have the right process defined. For developers used to “traditional” software development, it can be painful (it was for us), until you figure out the right way to do it. Here at Soliant Consulting, we have been working on defining the right…

Working with The IDE and Subversion (SVN)

The IDE is one of two IDEs that we use here at Soliant Consulting. The other one is MavensMate. I personally prefer the former at the moment, mainly because of the Synchronize perspective, which, as mentioned below, can be very useful in different situations. Some of my colleagues prefer the latter, so you may…

Story Points Explained

Find a detailed description of story points and make that crucial separation between estimates of size and estimates of effort.

Soliant Serves Up Inspiration

Read about Inspiration Corporation’s powerful mission and how Soliant was able to contribute to their goals through volunteering and sharing profits.
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