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What Layouts Is This Field On?

I wrote a blog post last month showing a way to quickly find where unstored calcs and summary fields are being used in a solution. This post is a sort of follow up, in that here we once again look at a way of quickly finding something out about a solution that would otherwise require a DDR. Have you ever…
Mislav Kos
October 16, 2015

Quickly Find Unstored Calcs and Summary Fields

Certain types of fields, like unstored calculation and summary fields, can really slow down a solution, especially if they are used on layouts that are primarily accessed in list or table view. It's not uncommon to come across list layouts in inherited solutions – files which you are maintaining but were originally developed by someone else – which use unstored…
Mislav Kos
September 18, 2015

Evan Coury – A Simple Explanation of Git-rebase

What is Git Rebase? Git rebase organizes branching paths and makes the repository structure linear. It allows you to patch changes onto your origin or master branch. In December of 2011, Evan Coury posted an article on his now-defunct blog (original link is a 404) titled "A simple explanation of git-rebase," and his Twitter post still comes up in searches.…
Jeremiah Small
July 14, 2015