Cloud Development and Migration Best Practices and Insights


The Economy of the Cloud

A walk in the Cloud: how cloud technologies have affected the economy. At Soliant we're always interested in how the world of technology is evolving. Take a look at how cloud computing has grown and is driving business today.
November 17, 2015

The Power of Salesforce

In my role as Business Development Manager at Soliant, I often talk to clients who are considering Salesforce. We know that Salesforce is not a one-shoe-fits-all solution, but something that must be customized to fit our client's needs. With the help of Soliant’s Salesforce team, we create not only the solution our client has always dreamed of for their business,…
Derek Vanderby
November 7, 2013

Why Invest in Salesforce?

One of the scariest things I ever encountered in my work life was a salesperson when asked how he remembered potential leads. He answered, “Up here,” and pointed to his head. Perhaps he had a savant memory, but considering most of us don’t, we need something more to go on. Equally alarming was meeting with a company whose multiple departments…
Kim Lundgren
September 27, 2013