An Introduction to Query Builder

Mislav Kos explains how to use Query Builder, a FileMaker tool he created to help write ExecuteSQL expressions. The tool does not rely on a wizard; queries are typed out manually. Key features include automated formatting of queries, assisted troubleshooting, and easier table and field name abstraction. Read the blog post…

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  2. Hello Mislav, first of all thank you for such a nice SQL Query tool. This tool is a real help in designing SQL queries inside of Filemaker. My query today is related to the Table View. I have searched through numerous articles on internet, but haven’t been able to solve this simple problem. Hope you can help me out.

    I just want to understand how to select and format the entire data in table view in one go. Eg: I want to reduce the font size from 16 to 14 and centre align all data for entire data in the Table view in one go. There is no Form view or List view of this table, only Table view.

    I am using FileMaker Pro 19.

    Please help

  3. Hello Ujjwal,

    The ExecuteSQL function isn’t used to format data or to display it in Table view.

    If you want to change the font size and alignment of fields shown in Table view, that’s easy enough to do. Switch to layout mode, add the fields you want to display, and then format the fields using the “appearance” inspector pane. Those formatting changes will take effect once you switch to any of the other modes (browse, find, preview) or view states (form, list, table).

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