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FileMaker 15: Truncate Table

A seemingly small but important change in FileMaker 15 is the addition of the Truncate Table script step. If you have developed with SQL databases, this function will be familiar to you, but you may be interested in some details and differences with how it works in FileMaker.
Mike Duncan
May 16, 2016

Determining if Two Date Ranges Overlap

In some cases, a FileMaker developer needs to determine if two date ranges overlap. That is a daunting task with standard techniques using complex relationships or a long ExecuteSQL query. In this post, we examine a simple way to determine if two date ranges overlap. It solves some real-world problems and is extremely easy to use.
Jeremy Brown
March 31, 2016
FileMakerSoliant TV

An Introduction to Query Builder

Mislav Kos explains how to use Query Builder, a FileMaker tool he created to help write ExecuteSQL expressions. The tool does not rely on a wizard; queries are typed out manually. Key features include automated formatting of queries, assisted troubleshooting, and easier table and field name abstraction. Read the blog post...
Mislav Kos
December 13, 2013