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FileMaker 16 is here, and its new features are game-changers for developers. For example, using its functionality will make custom applications more responsive and secure. You can now connect with other services, such as, to integrate data from external data sources, but that’s just the tip of the surface. In this video, Jeremy Brown introduce the top three new functionalities: Card Windows, creating and parsing JSON, and the Layout Objects Inspector.

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone. I’m Jeremy Brown, a certified FileMaker Developer from Soliant Consulting.

As I’m sure you’ve heard, FileMaker 16 has been released. As Platinum Partners, the team here at Soliant Consulting got an exclusive first look at it. FileMaker 16 comes with many new awesome features. They are game changers for developers. We can make custom apps more modern, more secure, and we can do all of this more efficiently.

There are so many new features to dig into, but today I’m just going to introduce the ones that we think will make the biggest splash in the FileMaker community.

First, there are card windows. This incredible feature allows developers to create a file that is more app like by providing a new modal window that can be of a completely different context in FileMaker. Martha Zink, Bill Heizer, and I will be covering this feature in depth.

Next, there is the layout object inspector. Designing a good custom app requires many objects to be placed on the layout. This object inspector gives us better access to each one of the objects, allowing us to work with anything on the layout more efficiently. Agnes Riley will dive into this new developer tool that will save us a lot of time.

The ability to work natively with JSON in FileMaker is a major addition. Now, we can easily parse JSON from web services, we can create JSON objects, and we can use that format to perform many database tasks. Anders Monsen and others will have so much to share on this new feature.

The FileMaker team, here at Soliant Consulting, has spent time with FileMaker 16. We’re very excited about it. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be putting out blog posts and videos. We’ll go into detail about all of the new features so that you can use these features to their full potential within your own custom app.

We are excited about how FileMaker is evolving to provide even more features for companies and their development teams. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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