An Introduction to the Best Features of FileMaker 16

As dependable as ever, FileMaker has delivered on its promise to release FileMaker 16 on schedule. As a Platinum Partner, the Soliant team got a sneak peek at its functionality and features, and we’re really excited with what we’ve seen. The new features in are game-changers for developers. We can now make custom applications more responsive and more secure. We can connect with other services, such as, to integrate data from external data sources.

And, of course, the more capabilities your developers have, the more powerful and robust your FileMaker solution becomes. Based on what we’ve seen in FileMaker 16, your application has many interesting enhancement opportunities ahead. FileMaker’s roadmap gives a few hints, of course, but exploring the new version first-hand and in detail has been nothing short of amazing. We know the FileMaker community is going to love it.

With the rollout of the new version every year, the Soliant Consulting FileMaker team shares our thoughts on new features as well as tips for developers on how to best leverage them. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our insights in the form of blog posts, videos, and downloadable resources. In fact, you can secure your copy of the Executive Summary written by Wim Decorte, Senior Technical Architect.

FileMaker 16 Top Added Features

Here are, in our opinion, the top three new functionalities:

1. Card Windows

This new incredible feature, also known as overlays, allows developers to create a more app-like file by providing a new modal window of a completely different context in FileMaker. We think this new functionality will have an immediate impact on architecture and design for FileMaker solutions. Martha Zink, Bill Heizer, and I will be covering this feature in depth. Watch the video…

2. Layout Object Inspector Palette

Layout mode has gotten a big revamp to increase developers’ productivity. Designing a good custom app requires many objects to be placed on a layout, and this object inspector gives us better access to each one of the objects, allowing developers to work with anything on the layout more efficiently. They can now quickly filter, find, hide, and manipulate various objects in Layout mode. Agnes Riley will dive into this new developer tool that will save us a lot of time. Read the blog post…

3. Added JSON Support

JSON functionality is a major addition within FileMaker 16. Anders Monson and others have many insights to share on this new feature. Developers can natively and easily parse JSON from web services. They can also use the format to perform many database tasks.

And more!

The new release also delivers new iOS transition animations, script workspace improvements, security enhancements, and more.

Get a more in-depth look at these new features by downloading Wim Decourte’s Executive Summary.

And make sure to keep an eye out for our blog posts released over the next few weeks, which will also be explaining how each new feature affects your FileMaker solution. Our FileMaker development team will also be sharing tips on how to leverage each new functionality to enhance your solution. You can find all of these posts here, so make sure to bookmark this page!

Moving Forward with FileMaker 16

All of us at Soliant are excited about how FileMaker is evolving to provide even more features for companies and their development teams. We hope you love this release as much as we do. If you have any questions on specific functionality are interested in learning more about how to implement its new features, feel free to contact us directly.

FileMaker 16 Resources

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