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09May 2017

An Introduction to Card Windows in FileMaker 16

About the Author

Martha Zink Martha Zink

Martha is a Senior Technical Project Lead for Soliant and works remotely out of Houston, TX. She has developed in FileMaker since 2004 and has spoken at the FileMaker Developer Conference as well as multiple FileMaker roadshows. Her passion is helping people solve business problems and have happier work days. If FileMaker doesn't have Martha's focus, then she is either photographing everything around her or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. She's a mom of two kids, who will likely have no choice but to learn about databases, relational design, and scripting at a young age.

Comments (7)

Bryn Behrenshausen - May 9, 2017

Hey Martha,

Great demo video! How will the new card window be dealt with by previous versions of FileMaker? Thanks!

    Martha Zink
    Martha Zink - May 9, 2017

    Hi Bryn,

    Thanks! FileMaker 15 will get a little lost. It will open a new window but it won’t change to the right layout (that probably has to do with the changes in the New Window Script step, where now you can select the destination layout). So it can definitely act funny for pre-16 users.

Susie Bridges - May 17, 2017

How is the card window different from a popover?

    Martha Zink
    Martha Zink - May 17, 2017

    Great question! A popover is an object on a layout. And anything in that popover, like fields, would have to be related to the layout’s context.

    The card window is a new window style. So a card window is really a window within a window and it can show any layout. In the employee details example, the script is opening a new card window via Go To Related Records but going to a layout that shows the People table, not the Company table.

    In some cases, a popover and card window could be used interchangeably. But the biggest difference is that a popover is an object on a layout and a card window is a new window (within a window) that can show any layout.

    More demo videos to come to show off what you can do with it!

Paul Grogan - June 15, 2017

Hi Martha

Can you have two non overlapping cards on the same screen? In a PC environment I want to display 4 Filemaker layouts over 4 separate screens. Could I do this by setting up say a blank window over a 4 screen area and then script 4 cards to show on each of the 4 screens?

    Martha Zink
    Martha Zink - June 29, 2017

    Hmm interesting. I don’t think the card window would pull that off. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Maybe with a little more info I can point you in the right direction? Thanks!

Walter Noia - October 19, 2017

Hi Martha

Great article !

I have made a Idea sugestion to Filemaker Comunity to Alow card windows for WebDirect
If you think its a good Idea vote Up please.

Here is the link

Best Regards
Walter Noia


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