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Martha Zink

Martha has developed in FileMaker since 2004 and has spoken at the FileMaker Developer Conference as well as multiple FileMaker roadshows. Her passion is helping people solve business problems and have happier work days. If FileMaker doesn't have Martha's focus, then she is either photographing everything around her or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. She's a mom of two kids, who will likely have no choice but to learn about databases, relational design, and scripting at a young age.

PauseOnError 2018: Two Incredible Days with the FileMaker Community

In 2010, I attended my first PauseOnError in Portland. In 2011, I spoke in front of the FileMaker community for the first time, at PauseOnError in New York City. In 2018, I helped plan PauseOnError in New Orleans. Whoa. I’d worked with FileMaker for only a few years when I attended my first Pause. I …

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FileMaker 15: Real World Scenario with iBeacons

Now that FileMaker can detect iBeacons that are in range, FileMaker apps have a new way to provide information to users. In this video, Martha Zink shares a demo file created by Bill Heizer, showing how FileMaker Go can use iBeacons to provide valuable information to attendees of a boat show, giving them live information about nearby vendors.