Salesforce Lightning Development

Launch Your Salesforce Lightning Experience

Make the transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning quickly and effectively with our team of certified onshore Salesforce developers. We can support your migration efforts or build new business applications and tools using custom components, events, and interfaces to give your users a faster, more productive experience in Salesforce.

Get your step-by-step guide to switching to Lightning from Classic in your org. Our process stems from our experiences, so you can avoid typical first-time mistakes.

Soliant Lead Application Developer, Caspar Harmer, has built an extensive library of Lightning components. But you don’t have to be a client to benefit from them.

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Wharton Public Technology at the University of Pennsylvania partnered with Soliant Consulting to transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. As a result, the organization’s new custom functionality empowered personnel to automate more of its processes and therefore increase productivity.

Connect your Salesforce solution with other data systems to boost capabilities and increase efficiency for your team. Our team helps clients synchronize data and build complex integrations leveraging functionality from other applications.

When pursuing a major initiative or functionality upgrade, instead of hiring a new team member, consider partnering with an entire team. We can provide onshore and experienced certified analysts, architects, and developers. Learn more.

Launch innovative Lightning functionality with a team of certified architects and developers.

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