Soliant Consulting Named a Quartz Best Company for Remote Workers

Chicago, IL. – September 8, 2022 – Soliant Consulting has been named as a Quartz Best Company for Remote Workers. The award recognizes companies successfully making strides in engaging and supporting employees and teams who do not work from a physical office.

Soliant Consulting has been a partially remote business with team members spread out all over the United States since its founding in 2004. However, the COVID pandemic has strengthened Soliant’s commitment to remote work and has further encouraged team members to migrate to the places they love best by providing even more dedicated support to remote workers.

Winners were selected by a panel reviewing remote work benefits as well as anonymous survey results from Soliant team members. Winners had to score at least 80% positive responses from team members across eight categories: leadership and planning, corporate culture and communication, role satisfaction, work environment, relationship with supervisor, training and development, pay and benefits, and overall engagement. This comprehensive assessment of the company revealed Soliant to be a leader in remote work structure and team support.

“Companies at the vanguard of remote work helped show everyone else how to do it. Now we are seeing their best practices replicated across industries, at companies of all sizes,” said Quartz executive editor Heather Landy. “The companies on our ranking are putting their remote policies to use as a recruiting and retention play, as a tool for diversifying their talent pool, and as a performance strategy. Our second annual ranking honors businesses that have gone above and beyond in ensuring that their remote workers have the tools they need, from technology stipends to wellness perks, to do their jobs effectively.”

Recognized businesses demonstrated they understand that remote work requires specific policies, expectations, and community development. Their foundational processes encourage long-term employee retention through an environment supporting success and growth, no matter a team member’s location.

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We’re honored to be recognized by Quartz as a best company for remote workers for a second year in a row. It affirms the success of our efforts to create a great culture and make sure all our teammates feel supported and valued. Being a great company for remote workers is also a key ingredient in our ability to develop impactful custom solutions for our clients.

Soliant Consulting employs more than 70 team members, all of whom work primarily remotely. Leadership strives to provide ample support, engagement opportunities, and professional development resources to all employees regardless of their physical location. The company also prioritizes an annual “offsite,” during which all employees meet in person at a central location for several days to reconnect and engage in in-person team-building activities and strategic planning.

About Quartz Best Companies for Remote Workers

Quartz is a leading digital-first media company serving half a million business professionals around the world. Quartz partnered with an independent research firm, Best Companies Group, which conducted a two-part survey of applicant companies. Employers completed a questionnaire about their policies and practices, and employees completed anonymous surveys about their employers. Participating businesses were required to have at least 25 full-time permanent employees and at least 25 full-time employees working remotely. Quartz defined a remote worker as someone who performs at least 75% of their job remotely.

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