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FileMaker Go Toolkit for FileMaker 14

Want to learn more about how FileMaker Go can enhance a different version of FileMaker? Learn more about FileMaker Go for iOS. You can also contact our team of certified developers for insights on customizations for your solution.

Get started on tailoring layouts for FileMaker Go with our free FileMaker Go Toolkit! – version 3 updated for FileMaker 14. The FileMaker Go application for the iPhone and iPad provides real-time access to your FileMaker databases directly from your mobile device. While any existing FileMaker layout can work on mobile, your users will have a much better experience if they work with an interface tailored for them. This includes objects sized properly for fingers, layouts that work well in both portrait and landscape orientation, and as much content available on the screen with menus and other controls in menus.

To help developers learn how to work in this new medium, Soliant Consulting is pleased to offer a FileMaker Go Toolkit for free download. It contains a wealth of assets and examples for developing FileMaker Go interfaces, including:

  • Themes designed for mobile use
  • Detail and List view examples
  • Examples of layout objects
  • Tips for developing for FileMaker Go

Properly designing layouts is just one aspect of optimizing for an iPad or iPhone. In addition, you need to ensure that scripts use only mobile compatible script steps and that everything performs adequately over the network connections available to your users.

Learn more about how Soliant can help you prepare your systems to use FileMaker Go.

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