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TIB Improved Delivery of Its Services with New FileMaker Solution

TIB serves more than 1,600 independent community banks across the United States, delivering innovative solutions and analysis of banking products. Following the acquisition of Bequeaith Banking Solutions, LLC, the company realized it had a unique opportunity to completely rebuild its client service model for the combined wholly-owned subsidiary, TIB-Bequeaith Banking Solutions. Before, both companies conducted evaluations of banking practices and credit quality within their client’s loan portfolios with differing combinations of Word, Excel and paper. To make their processes more efficient, deliver more reporting functionality, and find new opportunities for their clients, TIB-Bequeaith Banking Solutions approached Soliant Consulting for a custom FileMaker solution.

To reduce pen and paper analysis and massive, overbearing spreadsheets, Soliant Consulting built a custom FileMaker solution to manage the company’s client loan portfolio analysis from beginning to end. The application allows their team to download a client bank’s entire loan portfolio and then filter from a custom set of variables to define sample selections tailored to that client for loans to review. This functionality minimizes manual work at the beginning of a client partnership and allows the TIB team to move onto the more important work – loan analysis.

What we appreciated from the Soliant team was their ability to envision the end solution from the starting materials we provided and our conversations about the time roadblocks that we routinely encountered.—

David Bequeaith, President and Managing Director

We really value our relationship with Martha and JohnAustin and consider them a key component of our extended services team.

David Bequeaith, President and Managing Director

The next step of FileMaker development focused on the actual evaluation process. Soliant’s team architected an intuitive database to empower the TIB-Bequeaith team to see a business and any related loan information all at once. The solution included a checklist of questions and information to investigate so that the team could efficiently track their progress through analysis. Once completed, they could enter their evaluations and scoring into the solution, keeping everything in one place for quick reference and efficient record-keeping.

Soliant also added multiple reporting components to help the TIB-Bequeaith team deliver both daily reporting and comprehensive project-end reports to clients. The former helps reassure clients that the loan review team is staying focused and making daily progress in their analysis. Its functionality also allows their engagement leader to assign tasks to its on-site team, moving the evaluations and rankings along at an efficient pace. The project-end reports were enhanced by using FileMaker to organize loan scoring analysis and deliver a comprehensive document to the client. By adding in a flagging system, TIB-Bequeaith can even easily point out high-priority issues for the client.
Soliant Consulting continues to deliver ongoing updates and new functionality for the TIB-Bequeaith team, strengthening the system and driving more value for the company and their clients.

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TIB serves as the “bankers’ bank” by delivering innovative banking products and services to more than 1,600 independent community banks. The company helps banks review their products, including loans, through comprehensive analysis and a strategic ranking system. TIB’s services empower banks to consistently improve their offerings and remain competitive. Wholly owned subsidiary, TIB-Bequeaith Banking Solutions provided loan portfolio and compliance monitoring to community banks, mortgage companies and other financial service providers.