Case Study

EZ Flex Sport Mats Case Study

EZ Flex Sport Mats Improves Its Manufacturing Process with a Custom FileMaker Solution

As an industry leader in the manufacturing of lightweight high-quality wrestling, martial arts, gymnastics, and cheerleading mats, EZ Flex Sport Mats serves a wide variety of customers who have differing needs, including custom sizes and logo design on the mats. This diverse market creates a complex internal process from order to delivery for the company.

EZ Flex Sport Mats approached Soliant Consulting for insights on how to make their workflows more efficient. Together, they partnered for a custom FileMaker solution to handle incoming orders faster and minimize errors in production.

EZ Flex Sport Mats used during wrestling matches

Once EZ Flex Sport Mats receives an order, its team must review all of its details – from logo and sizing needs, to expedited delivery, to custom industry finishes. This requires insight into every order currently in production, as the team must determine where it fits in their schedule. The company’s custom FileMaker solution addresses this business challenge by delivering a visual and intuitive way to see all pending orders and those currently in production, allowing the team to prioritize the order list.

Tracking Business Growth

EZ Flex Sport Mats is the official mat for many tournaments nationwide, making tournament season one of the most hectic times of the year for the team. With their FileMaker solution, they can track the details of the tournaments, ensuring production of the mats is properly scheduled. During busy seasons, the solution allows them to focus on what’s important immediately and in the near future. EZ Flex Sport Mats can also quickly view production and order history, giving insight on business growth and setting expectations for the future.

The FileMaker system helps the EZ Flex Sport Mats team track critical details in their production process through each step, such as how quickly a job takes, where jams occur in the process, and how often errors occur. These insights empower the company to forecast their production process out further and plan for more unknowns in the business.

Flexible Solution

As a result of Soliant’s custom FileMaker development, the new solution drives an organized process for both the company’s customers and internal teams. As their business grows, so will the functionality that exists in their FileMaker solution. The system continues to provide EZ Flex Sports Mats with real-time insights on its production processes and needs, spurring continuous improvement and company growth.

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About EZ Flex Sport Mats

EZ Flex Sport Mats manufactures superior lightweight athletic mats for the wrestling, martial arts, cheerleading, gymnastics, and fitness industries. The company delivers quality and customizable yet affordable mats, empowering its customers to deliver a branded athletic experience to their own target audiences. The United States-based company delivers its industry-leading products to worldwide customers.