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Driving Innovative Reactor Solutions with Efficient Technology

Crystaphase, a leading provider of reactor solutions to hundreds of refining, petrochemical, and chemical plants worldwide, runs its entire business on FileMaker. As the company grows, its operational needs within the system do as well. By partnering with Soliant Consulting, Crystaphase added critical functionality to its FileMaker solution, enabling the company to improve internal processes and minimize operational barriers.

Pipes at refinerySoliant started with FileMaker functionality enhancement to expand the company’s global reach. The firm built a connection to a currency exchange API for automatic currency changes during the invoice process, empowering the Crystaphase team to better serve its international customers.

To expedite internal processes, Soliant built a Master Action item system to auto-create and assign action items to Crystaphase team members when opportunities or tech service requests are created in the FileMaker system.

The firm also connected the FileMaker solution to the team’s Google calendars. This allows them to better keep track of their action items and due dates without having to log directly into the system, boosting productivity and internal organization.

By developing a supply chain management component to the FileMaker system, Soliant also delivered more efficiency to Crystaphase’s supply management workflows. In this system, a Supply Chain Manager can review all products’ stock status over a date range. This accumulates data from orders, incoming shipments, production, and inventory adjustments. Users can view multiple products at once, select specific date ranges, and get insights on the impact that orders, incoming shipments, production, and inventory adjustments may have on these products’ stock levels. They can determine how the values change over the date range and end at a final value for each product. This also makes forecasting much easier for Crystaphase.

Soliant Consulting also worked on new designs to make the software easier to use, more intuitive to navigate, and more useful for the Crystaphase team. The firm continues to work with Crystaphase on ongoing FileMaker enhancements.

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About Crystaphase

Crystaphase has helped hundreds of global refining, petrochemical, and chemical plants improve performance and overcome challenges through innovative and reliable reactor solutions. The company delivers reactor excellence through purification and dispersion system designs. Its technology is used in thousands of applications worldwide.