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Determining Org Type in Apex Code

Have you ever wanted to run one block of code in a sandbox and another block in the production org?  I couldn't find a built-in Apex function that allowed me to determine whether the code was running in a Production/DE environment or in a sandbox. Fortunately, I ran across this post that gave enough info to write the following simple…
Artie Brosius
October 12, 2012

SFDC Best Practice for Child Relationship Names

Please declare a unique Child Relationship Name! Think of it as just as important as the Related List Label (which is what your Salesforce users see). The Child Relationship Name is what developers see when writing sub queries in Apex. Salesforce uniquely names Child Relationships if you don't. However, those names are generally useless for developers trying to fully understand…
Tom Burre
October 10, 2012

Salesforce Tablet Numpad Trick

Recently, I was working on an Onsite Biometrics testing solution for a client using a customized front-end on a Salesforce back-end, all on iPads. Testers needed to be able to search for people, check them in, create new entries, and enter test results. The problem was that whenever they entered a field on the data entry layout, an Alphabetic keypad…
Caspar Harmer
September 6, 2012

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