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Setting Lead Assignment Rules with Apex

If you want to create a new Lead via Visualforce or web form with Apex it's very possible you could overlook the Assignment Rules.  As you might know, it's not even always obvious on the native Lead creation layout.  Notice the lower left corner checkbox in the screenshot below. To enforce Assignment Rules in Apex you'll need to instantiate the…
Tom Burre
November 19, 2009

Salesforce – Flash Builder Integration Announced

Adobe and Salesforce have always worked well together They are complimentary technologies - Flash is primarily a display platform and Salesforce is more data focused. Using Flex or Flash to present data from the SalesForce cloud is a great way to make a really seamless and slick user experience. This latest development makes that even easier than it was previously.…
Caspar Harmer
October 26, 2009

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