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05Jun 2018

JavaScript App Extension to the FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console

About the Author

Marcelo Piñeyro Marcelo Piñeyro

Marcelo is a Senior Technical Project Lead with Soliant Consulting. He has been developing software since 2004. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin. In a previous life, Marcelo was an Agronomist and Animal Scientist. In his spare time he enjoys dancing tango, bicycle camping, remodeling his home, and sailing.

Comments (4)

Angel - June 6, 2018

It’s nice.
I’ve tried but I can only see a daily “Filemaker Server script schedule” but three daily backup schedules are not visibles…

    Marcelo Piñeyro
    Marcelo Piñeyro - June 7, 2018

    Ángel, once you connect successfully to a FileMaker Server 17 using FMS ACE, all schedules stored on that FMS, regardless of schedule type, should be displayed in the ACE calendar. If you are only seeing a subset of the schedules in your FMS 17 displayed in the ACE calendar, please create a bug report in the ACE GitHub project at, and include screenshots of the schedules defined in your FM server, and screenshots of what you see in the ACE calendar.

philcoatesPhil Coates - June 24, 2018

works well! thanks!


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