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FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console, Admin API, and Admin CLI

It’s been a while since the FileMaker Server Admin Console received a facelift. We’ve had the same basic UI and functionality for our Admin Consoles since FileMaker Server 13.

Visually, the new Admin Console in FileMaker Server 17 is very different. It’s now very similar to the one in use for FileMaker Cloud. However, the changes go much deeper than just how it looks. Some features and settings that have been in the Admin Console for a long time are no longer available; some are only available in the brand new Admin API and the upgraded Admin CLI (command line interface).

Steven Blackwell and I put together an overview of all changes across the different ways to administer your FileMaker Server.

Download the Tech Briefs

In addition to the general overview, it also contains:

  • A complete side-by-side comparison of the FileMaker Server 16 Admin Console and the FileMaker Server 17 Admin Console. You will find this helpful if you are already familiar with the previous Admin Console.
  • A matrix of the most common admin actions and information on which of the three Admin touch points (Console, API, CLI) that actions are available in. We cover admin actions such as adjusting the database cache, modifying the progressive backup interval, disabling the new default midnight backup schedule, and many more.

With the white paper comes a full set of all the Admin API functions in a Postman collection you can use for testing the new Admin API. It’s a powerful addition to our toolset, allowing us to build our own admin consoles and we will see many community contributions do exactly that.

With any questions on the new functionality, head over to community.filemaker.com. Many of us will be there to help guide you through what is new and what has changed.

In August, I will also be presenting at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference. My first session covers what is new and different in FileMaker Server 17. My second focuses on using the new Data API Between now and Devcon, keep your eyes peeled for any webinars that FileMaker Inc will put together about these topics as well.

Moving Forward with FileMaker 17

If you have any questions about how navigate the Admin Console or any other new features included in FileMaker 17, please contact our team. We’re happy to help your team determine the best way to leverage them within your FileMaker solution.

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