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FileMaker Server 17 and SSL Changes You Need to Know

Changes to SSL have arrived with FileMaker 17. To illustrate general background information on SSL, why your strategies around it are so crucial to your FileMaker solution, and how to implement encryption-in-transit in FileMaker 17, I’ve co-authored a white paper.

In it, I discuss important changed such as:

  • How the default certificate no longer encrypt data in transit between FileMaker Server and its clients
  • Why the FileMaker Server 16 HSTS feature is no longer there
  • How you now cannot use the Admin Console to generate your Certificate Signing Request any longer

Download the Tech Briefs

I’ve like to give a shout-out to Steven H. Blackwell for co-authoring this white paper with me as well as Mislav Kos for his DevCon presentation on all things SSL and his follow-up blog posts on these topics.

Moving Forward with FileMaker 17

If you have any questions about how to navigate these SSL changes or any other new features included in FileMaker 17, please contact our team. We’re happy to help your team determine the best way to leverage them within your FileMaker solution.

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