Update: Send Mail Windows Nuance & Workaround

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I’d like to share my updated thoughts on a previous post. I shared how you can use the script step Open URL to work around a bug encountered with the Send Mail script step on Windows machines running the mail program Outlook wherein the user is left stranded in Outlook.

The Open URL method cannot attach files, a major limitation. Thankfully, I’ve found a workaround for that and wanted to pass it along. A custom function from Rodrigo Torres works like a charm. It creates a custom function that writes out a VB script that saves to the user’s machine, opens Outlook, and creates the desired message with attachments. You can send as few or as many attachments as you like; you just have to update the custom function. As it stands, it sends three custom functions.

Hope this helps!

Kristy Lapidus

Kristy Lapidus

Kristy is the Business Strategy Lead for Soliant’s AWS Practice. For nearly 20 years, she has partnered with senior leaders to co-lead digital business transformations across the manufacturing, real estate, media, insurance, high tech, and education sectors. Kristy has consulted with organizations throughout the world – including in China, France, Sweden, and Central America. She is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, and earned an MS in OD from the Pepperdine University business school where she studied the Impact of Scenario Planning on the Efficacy of Digital Transformations in her thesis research. She is passionate about combining her deep knowledge of cutting-edge technology, business strategy, and project and portfolio management with the tenets of behavioral science to improve organizations.

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