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Create Dynamic JSON for Related Records Demo

Dynamically Create JSON Arrays for Related Records Download the custom function for dynamically creating JSON arrays for related records in FileMaker, built by Makah Encarnacao, Soliant Consulting Technical Project Lead. The file includes two buttons that use this custom function: Manufacturer and Model JSON. The Manufacturer and Model JSON button demonstrates how you would use this custom function in combination with other…
Makah Encarnacao
April 25, 2019

Recreating a FileMaker Found Set

There are certain situations in FileMaker development where the current found set needs to be recreated. A good example of this is when the Perform Script On Server (PSoS) step is used. Since it runs on the server, the current context (including the found set) is lost and has to be reconstructed. I used to recreate found sets on the…
Mislav Kos
March 1, 2016

Quickly Find Unstored Calcs and Summary Fields

Certain types of fields, like unstored calculation and summary fields, can really slow down a solution, especially if they are used on layouts that are primarily accessed in list or table view. It's not uncommon to come across list layouts in inherited solutions – files which you are maintaining but were originally developed by someone else – which use unstored…
Mislav Kos
September 18, 2015