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Test Data Generator

Manual Entry of Test Data Discourages Testing When testing the functionality of a solution, software developers frequently have to create test records, which requires them to enter in test data. If the fields requiring a value include a name field, I'm good to go for about 5-6 records, until I exhaust the 'first name' supply that I seem to keep…
Mislav Kos
May 12, 2015

FileMaker 13: Working with Base 64

Working with Base 64 FileMaker 13 introduces a couple new functions, Base64Decode and Base64Encode. Base64 is a commonly used method of encoding binary data as text. For example, it is a standard means of attaching files to email. When you attach a file to an email to send to a friend, your email application can encode the raw file as…
Mike Duncan
June 17, 2014