Picture Perfect FileMaker Pro Pop-Up Pickers

This example file demonstrates how to create a pop-up window in FileMaker Pro and also demonstrates how to create a pick list within a pop-up window.

Imagine a case where a user needs to associate, say, a person with membership in a group. Click “add person” and the database opens a pick window. Within that window, the user can then search for the person in question, get a set of results, and choose the appropriate individual. At that point the window closes and they’re back in their original work flow. Hope you find it useful.

4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect FileMaker Pro Pop-Up Pickers”

  1. Hi Barry, 

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!  The download has been fixed.

    Thanks again,



  2. this is a great solution. would love to know if it’s possible to filter this on launch, to create a conditional value list as it’s populated, based upon another field…

  3. I love this technique! Is there a way to filter the results of the picker based on a variable? Perhaps as a conditional list?

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