FileMaker Developer Conference 2007

INT608 – Integrating with SQL-Based Applications Presented by: Steve Lane

In this session, we’ll look at how to use the new External SQLSource (ESS) feature in FileMaker 9 to integrate a FileMaker solution with one or more SQL-based products. By embedding a product’s SQL tables in a FileMaker solution, it’s possible to create a hybrid application that allows one-way or even two-way data exchange between FileMaker and SQL-based products such as content management systems, bug trackers, accounting systems or project management systems.

FUN206 – Introduction to Custom Functions Presented by: Steve Lane

In this session you will learn what custom functions are and why they are such a great boon to FileMaker development. When and when to use custom functions and how they differ from regular calculation fields will also be discussed. Additionally, you will learn how custom functions help keep your solutions more abstract and flexible.

FUN211 – Profiting from Solution Documentation Presented by: Lee Lukehart

Producing good user documentation isn’t trivial—but it can be streamlined by starting with docs produced early in the project. This presentation lists 40+ documentation types, suggests 7 that should be included with every solution, discusses factors to consider in selecting the others, and illustrates the shortest-path workflow for time- and cost-efficient production. Hint: Requirements > Use Cases > QA Scripts > User Guide. Note: This presentation focuses on planning concepts rather than implementation procedures.

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