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New FileMaker 12 Tutorials on Soliant TV

Martha Zink, a FileMaker expert at Soliant Consulting, continues her FileMaker 12 tutorial series with four new videos.

  • Container Fields Storage — In this video, Martha Zink shows the new ability to store data externally in FileMaker 12. Not only does FileMaker handle the folder structure and the links to the files, but it also transfers files to an external structure for existing, embedded container fields.
  • Container Field Interaction — Martha Zink shows the way a user can interact with a Container Field in FileMaker 12. The container fields, in this example, are demonstrated as a Help System for an Expense Report database. Imagine being able to follow along with a help video, which potentially avoids the need for substantial written documentation. Martha will show developers the proper setting to allow users to interact with PDFs, movies, etc.
  • “Conditional” Hover State — In this video, Martha Zink shows how to take advantage of the fact that Conditional Formatting trumps the Hover State in FileMaker Pro 12!
  • ExecuteSQL – Main Menu Portal — Martha Zink shows one way to take advantage of the ExecuteSQL function in FileMaker 12. By using the Virtual List Technique along with the ExecuteSQL function, a Main Menu layout can show dynamic buttons based on a unique list of categories in a table.

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