FMProxy HTML Form Example

Check out this very simple proxy.php illustration of the power of FMProxy written especially to get developers up to speed.

How to Define a RemoteObject in Actionscript

For the project I have been recently working on, I wanted to define a set of services in ActionScript that I could use to communicate via AMF to PHP. It turns out that this technique is not well documented around the web. Here’s how I did it. Important: This example uses Flex 4. You will…

User Experience Matters

Find this discussion on how important it is to consistently consult your software users in the development process and what not doing so can cost you.

Hey, Do You Guys Do Agile?

Learn about the key principles of agile development used for planning and maintaining focus during construction of large projects.

When to not use FileMaker Evaluate()

Read about what to consider and our suggested best practice for Evaluate as a FileMaker expression from certified FileMaker developers.

Salesforce dot what, now?

So, rapid application development. In our space at least, it’s all about time to features. Not time to market, or return on investment, or any fuzzier metric, but simply; I need a feature, how long will it take? (And how much will it cost). Over here at Soliant we do business apps, meanings apps for…

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