FileMaker Developer Conference 2007

Find the sessions from the Soliant Consulting team that you can find at the FileMaker Developer Conference including those from Steve Lane and Lee Lukehart.

DevCon 2008

Find more information about Jeremiah Small’s two Flex Sessions done at FileMaker DevCon including materials that will be available after.

Password Security Breach

With password security breaches happening more and more commonly, read our whitepaper for suggestions on how to guard your web app


Download a whitepaper, discussing best practices for building Web authentication systems that handle user credentials responsibly and the FMProxy Code here.

Ted on What is Flex

Find this great demonstration from Ted Patrick titled “What is Flex?” and get involved in the conversation about its implications.

Flex AJAX Bridge

Flex integration possibilities have huge positive implications for integrating widgets into FileMaker via the web viewer and PHP applications. Learn more.


Find our discussion on Thermo’s potential functionality and how it could assist collaboration with all kinds of design tools.

FlexFM Widgets for FileMaker apps

Check out this rundown of inspiring new FileMaker plug-ins that have come out to fully tap the possibilities the WebViewer object.
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