FMProxy is a PHP class that facilitates authentication of Flex applications connecting to FileMaker Server.

Today we are making this class available, along with a comprehensive whitepaper, discussing best practices for building Web authentication systems that handle user credentials responsibly.

Download a zip archive containing both the whitepaper and FMProxy code.


5 thoughts on “FMProxy”

  1. I have the latest flexFM source code but the soliant:FMServer object doesn’t contain a proxy property as used in the code examples in the FMProxy whitepaper. Am I meant to roll my own? Thanks.

  2. This is really interesting and usefull.
    The white paper is so specialistic to be red by people with law programming language knowledge.
    it would have been nice to see a small video to see how to use it correclty ,just like the ones posted about flexfm use.
    just a suggestion.

  3. Hi,

    First off all great product you made and works perfectly in Flex from a webbrowser. But I need this in a AIR app. connection to FM server gives a IOError Error #2032: Stream Error.

    Any Ideas?

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