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A visual Flex authoring tool codenamed Thermo was just demonstrated at MAX. I can hardly do it justice in brief with no visuals, but let’s just pose some what-ifs:

What if a visual designer could design a UI in Photoshop, then open it in Thermo, and use visual tools to wire up the entire application with the mockup data automatically transformed into “design-time” data collections?

What if this included visual tools to select rectangles or other shapes, and convert them into styled control components, wired up to the sample data?

What if the designer could visually choose how the sample data would automatically generate Lorum Ipsum text for labels, etc?

What if the designer could make a functional application UI which can be collaboratively worked on by a developer using Flex Builder?

I am speechless!

When can you try it?

Boooo, not until beginning of 2008 🙁

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah Small

Jeremiah, Soliant Consulting's Director of Engineering, has been with Soliant since 2006. In his spare time, he is a volunteer member of Altadena Mountain Rescue Team. Jeremiah got undergrad and masters degrees from NYU, TSOA, specializing in set design for theater and film. The film/theater and ride/show fabrication industries led him to a career in software consulting where his creative training and general problem-solving talents have served him well.

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