Webinar on Charting in FileMaker Pro 11

Find the details for Bob Bowers’s seminar on the new charting feature in FileMaker Pro 11 as part of an on-going series from FileMaker Inc.

Creating Dynamic Summary Charts

Download our demo file and explore the Chart Tool of FileMaker Pro 11 that allows for the charting of a variety of data sources.

Shifting Columns in Cross Tab Reports

Find this handy use of the Get(CalculationRepetitionNumber) function for cross tab reports, where each repetition can pull in data from a different table.

PHP’s max_execution_time Different on Windows and Linux

On Windows, the PHP INI variable, “max_execution_time,” is the maximum clock time between when the PHP process starts and when it finishes. On Linux and OS X, the same variable represents the maximum CPU time that the PHP process can take.  CPU time is less than clock time because processes on Linux (and OS X)…

No Brown M&Ms

Triggers are useful tools a team of software engineers can pull out of their project toolbox. Read more about identifying project risks here.
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