Scripts or Custom Functions?

Gain context for strategizing your FileMaker solution when deciding to use either custom functions or scripts in your development.

Convenience or Complacence?

Cultivate client trust by considering the details that ensure them their product development and concerns have your full attention.

New FileMaker 12 Tutorials on Soliant TV

Martha Zink, FileMaker expert at Soliant Consulting, continues her FileMaker 12 tutorial series with four new videos on new features in FileMaker 12.

FileMaker 12 Roadshow

Join Bob Bowers and Martha Zink for a morning full of practical and valuable advice on how to incorporate FileMaker 12 into your organization.

Delve into FileMaker 12

Join Martha Zink, Certified FileMaker Developer at Soliant Consulting, as she navigates the new features and tools of FileMaker Pro 12.

PHP Pop Quiz Answers

Okay, pencils down. Check out the answers and comprehensive explanations we’ve provided to the expressions given in the PHP Pop Quiz.

ORM Designer is a great tool

With ORM Designer you develop, design and document all at once. You don’t need other tools to design application model. Find our discussion here.
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