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Exceptions in Visualforce

Are DML changes rolled back when an exception occurs in Visualforce? It is clear from the official Salesforce documentation that all database modifications initiated from a trigger are rolled back when an exception occurs. We can look at it as if the application server started a transaction in our behalf, and handled the roll back if an exception is thrown…
Carlos Eiroa
May 20, 2013

On-View triggers in Salesforce (trigger for Opportunity Contact Roles)

Native Opportunity Limitations One current limitation with Salesforce.com native Opportunities model is the inability to have a trigger on the Opportunity Contact Role object. Say you have built a custom Opportunity rollup or scoring mechanism of some variety and it relies upon what/who the user selects in the Opportunity Contact Role area: how will you detect a live change in…
Tom Burre
August 30, 2012