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FileMaker Data API

What is the FileMaker Data API?

The FileMaker Data API makes it possible for other business systems and web services to access data hosted FileMaker Cloud and FileMaker Server. It allows companies to connect FileMaker with other business applications, like e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, ERP systems, and SaaS tools. It is a REST API and uses HTTP requests and responses to exchange data between the API client and the FileMaker server.


This resource makes process automation and workflow improvements easier to achieve, given the sheer number of integrations made possible. It also supports enhanced security protocols through authentication, giving your business peace of mind as it connects various systems together. It also makes growth easier to achieve for your business as it lends to system scalability and flexibility. Your FileMaker application’s capabilities and its various integrations can grow with your business.


The FileMaker Data API allows for interaction between systems in a variety of ways:

  • Get database metadata, such as the names of tables, fields, and relationships
  • Retrieve data from tables, including related data
  • Create, update, and delete records
  • Perform find requests
  • Execute FileMaker scripts
  • Manage user accounts and permissions

The FileMaker Data API returns data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which is independent of specific programming language formats. This gives businesses incredible opportunities to connect their FileMaker applications and data to a variety of applications and systems.

Our team helps business integrate their FileMaker applications a variety of applications, using resources like FileMaker Data API. Read through our insights on the technology, and contact our team for help.

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