Using Container Fields and Related Records in FileMaker

This video discusses a scalable method to add multiple types of container data to a FileMaker database. Martha uses popovers, script parameters, and related records to create a new child record.

Download the Sample File

13 thoughts on “Using Container Fields and Related Records in FileMaker”

  1. Really great video. I too would like to have a demo file if possible,.

    Have been watching your videos for sometime before you joined Salient Consulting.


  2. Good Day

    Just trying to confirm what Version of FileMaker you are using in the Video? Is it Version 13

    I am trying to do some of it using FileMaker 14 on OS X 10.11 and I can not get the Container to display the PDF no matter how I Insert it. If I open thee file with Version 13 it works fine,

    Checking the FM Community site I am seeing numerous cases of this happening with no resolution from FileMaker.

    Have you tried your file in Version 14 and if so please share the results and how you did it please.


    1. Hi Greg,

      I built this in FileMaker Pro 13. What do you see in 14 when you insert the PDF?

      I tested the file in FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 14 and I can both insert a PDF and I see the PDF after. This worked when the container was set to be optimized for both images or for interactive content. Have you tried installing (or uninstalling) Acrobat Reader? That can sometimes cause a conflict. Can you see the PDF when the container is set to be optimized for images? If so, it definitely sounds like an issue relating to your default PDF viewer. I hope that helps! Let me know what you find!

      1. Good Afternoon Martha,

        Thanks for taking the time to reply.

        I reinstalled Acrobat Reader and it seems to be working very well now now. I have looked at my Test DB with FMP 14, Web Direct 14 with Safari and IE, and FMGo on an iPAD and all work very well.

        You have a real talent making what should be difficult to do seem quite easy. Someone who can do that is called a PRO.

        Thanks for the Demo. I will try using this technique in an HR solution I am creating for a client in Jamaica [18 unit Restaurant chain with 600+ employees].



        1. Thanks, Greg! I’m glad the videos have been helpful. Good luck with your HR solution and I hope the work includes fun trips to Jamaica! 🙂

  3. Hi Martha,
    Thank you for your video. I am trying to integrate you suggestion on my database, I copied everything, th only missing thing is namig the object on the script – “TAB__FilePreview”, I don’t know how to do). The point is that is not opening my finder file in order to choose the file to add.
    When I press Open File : “”could not be created on this disk. Use a different name or free….
    I’m missing something … but don’t know what! 🙂
    Thank you for your help.

    1. So the “Open File” button should save the file that you have stored in your container field and then open it through your machine’s application. That error message often means that there’s something wrong with the file path. What calculation do you have for your file path currently?

  4. I have struggled for hours to try to get this to work. I’ve even created a simple ‘test build’ file to try to get it right. But I’m doing something wrong and can’t work out what it is. Here’s a dropbox link to my ‘test build’ file, and I’d be very grateful for some help with this to understand why it’s not working…

    I’m using Filemaker Pro 16 Advanced.

    1. Hi, Richard! It looks like you’re missing a script when you click on the File portal. The script should set the zzg_ID_Selected field to the ID of the file
      Set Field [ Project::zzg_ID_Selected ; File:ID ]
      Commit Records/Requests

      I added that script to your Title field as a button and that worked. Hope that helps!

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