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Web Application Usability

If you want to build a web application that’s easy to use and provides a great user experience (UX), you’re in luck: there are copious resources that share best practices of solid user interface design. We’ve illustrated a few examples and can get you started with this guide.

Test Data Generator Files

Fleshing out test data in any technology can be a bit of a chore… and having realistic data in sufficient volume is a vital part of testing a database before rolling it out. By integrating this modular FileMaker file into your solution, you can automatically generate sample data however you need.

FileMaker Go Toolkit

Get started on tailoring layouts for FileMaker Go with our free FileMaker Go Toolkit! – version 3 updated for FileMaker 14. The FileMaker Go application for the iPhone and iPad provides real-time access to your FileMaker databases directly from your mobile device.
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