ScriptMaster: A New Paradigm

360works has outdone themselves yet again. ScriptMaster is a free plugin in the tradition of Scodigo’s SmartPill PHP plugin. Instead of PHP, ScriptMaster, embeds Java, and provides a means of registering any Java (Groovy) function as a FileMaker function call. The awesomeness of this is almost impossible for me to describe.

It’s hard to believe that it’s FREE! This plugin, removes the need for dozens of other plugins. Go to the web page and watch the 10 minute video to get your mind blown. As Jesse says at the end of the video, the revenue model is custom Groovy programming services he expects to sell to customize ScriptMaster, but the base free version comes with something like 50 powerful functions that will probably have other plugin vendors spitting nails. FileMaker developers, on the other hand, can dance for joy.

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